Fusion Bowl Specialties
with White Rice *
  • 1Vegetarian ParadiseThis is a unique and delightful combination of three vegetarian favorites, fried tofu garlic sauce, mixed Chinese vegetables, brown sauce and sauteed snow peas in a white sauce. It's a dish no vegetable lover can resist.
  • 2Pineapple Gai PanSliced chicken breast white meat stir-fried, sauteed with snow peas, bamboo shoots, carrots, baby corn and pineapple chunks in our home-made light sweet and our white wine sauce.
  • 3Black Pepper ChickenShredded chicken white meat stir-fried with green peppers, red peppers and onions in our black pepper flavored brown sauce.
  • 4Sea of LoveStir-fried seafood combination of calamari, shrimp and scallops with herbs and spices in a delicious spicy sauce.
  • 5Tung Ting ShrimpJumbo shell-less shrimp sauteed with egg whites and mixed vegetables in a delicious white sauce.
  • 6Crystal ShrimpJumbo lightly battered shrimp, quickly sauteed w. scallions and ginger. The unique preparation enables you to enjoy the exquisite taste of the shrimp delicately flavored with the other ingredients.
  • 7Ma-La Seafood w. Basil (Spicy)Shrimp and scallops sauteed with zucchini, broccoli, onion, pepper and baby corn. Full flavored and not as spicy as you think.
  • 8Dragon and Phoenix (Spicy)Two separate dishes, jumbo shrimp in chef's special chili sauce, along with lightly battered chicken cooked in slightly sweet and spicy sauce.
  • 9Shrimp and Chicken In Hunan Style (Spicy)A splendid combination of jumbo shrimp and chicken. Chicken with a variety of vegetables in our Hunan black bean sauce. And jumbo shrimp with our Hunan red chili sauce.
  • 10Happy FamilyA favorite surf and turf dish. Happy Family features chicken, beef, scallops, imitation crab meat and shrimp served with our special blend of Chinese vegetables and enhanced with a traditional brown sauce.
  • 11Mongolian DelightWok-fried sliced beef, chicken and pork with onions and scallions. Served on a bed of snow-white crispy rice noodles.

* The picture is for reference only, please contact the restaurant if you have any question.

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