Sushi Special
  • OMGShrimp tempura, cream cheese topped with salmon, eel and avocado drizzled with eel sauce.
  • Lightning Roll (rice-less)Spicy tuna wrapped and flash fried crispy served with Ponzu sauce, eel sauce, spicy mayo, Sriracha masago.
  • Iguana (6 cuts)Red tuna, white tuna and avocado topped with spicy tuna.
  • CavemanPeppered tuna, cream cheese, mango, crabmeat and deep-fried, served with spicy mayo
  • Yakuza RollCrabmeat, cream cheese and asparagus topped with smoked salmon and BBQ eel drizzled with QP mayo, eel sauce and caramelized crunchy walnut
  • Tuna Tuna Tuna!Seared tuna, tuna salad and peppered tuna rolls
  • Mama Mia RollFresh salmon, asparagus, garlic mayo topped with spicy mayo and BBQ eel sauce drizzled with fried garlic
  • Lady Bug Burritos (10 cuts)Shrimp tempura, lobster meat, asparagus, spicy tuna and spicy mayo
  • ControversialSpicy tuna, cucumber, asparagus topped with fresh tuna, BBQ eel, avocado, served with spicy mayo, eel sauce and crunch
  • Asian Burger (6 cuts)Spicy tuna roll deep-fried topped with crabmeat salad marinated with spicy sesame oil and mayo baked
  • Yami YamiShrimp tempura and cream cheese topped with crabmeat, drizzled with spicy mayo
  • Crazy HorseCrabmeat salad, cucumber and avocado topped with crabmeat, drizzled with spicy mayo
  • Dragon EyeSpicy tune and asparagus topped with avocado and stacked with fresh salmon, spicy mayo and Sriracha
  • Volcano Big RollsCalifornia roll topped with chopped surf clam, scallop, chef's sauce, served with fried asparagus, spicy mayo and eel sauce
  • Fusion RockSpicy tuna wrapped and topped with avocado, BBQ eel and fresh tuna served with eel sauce
  • Horseradish RollMixed spicy tuna with crab salad served with grated horseradish
  • Muy! BuenoShrimp tempura, cucumber and avocado topped with crabmeat, served with spicy mayo
  • Maki Monkey (6 cuts)Whirlwind roll stuffed with fresh tuna,fresh salmon, crabmeat and cream cheese
  • Seared Crab RollTuna and avocado topped with crabmeat salad and then seared, drizzled with spicy mayo
  • Iceland RollShrimp (EBI), cucumber and pickled gourd served with QP mayo
  • Hot Lava (6 cuts)Crabmeat salad, tempura shrimp and asparagus topped with spicy tuna, scallion, eel sauce, chili, sesame oil, spicy mayo and fish roe
  • RPMTempura shrimp, cream cheese and asparagus topped with avocado, stacked with fresh tuna, stacked again with avocado, served with Sriracha spicy mayo, eel sauce and scallion
  • Salmon Boat (2 pieces)Fresh salmon stuffed with crabmeat salad, Texas Pete sauce and raw quail egg yolk

Fusion Bowl Lunch Entrees
Please do not hesitate to make customized dish requests.
Hours: 11am - 3pm
All lunch entrees served with your choice of egg roll or vegetable spring roll and white rice, fried rice or brown rice.

* The picture is for reference only, please contact the restaurant if you have any question.

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