Asian Favorites
  • Bang Bang ShrimpShell-less shrimp lightly battered, fried and cooked with smooth mayo flavor sweet and mild bang bang sauce
  • Thai Jumbo Shrimp Roll (4)Rice paper rolled with jumbo shell-less shrimp, mild red curry paste and cilantro leaves, then deep-fried.
  • Thai Herbal CalamariLightly fired Thai herb tender calamari, served with Thai fresh lemon dip and spicy sauce.
  • Chicken Lettuce WrapFresh water chestnuts and lettuce for wrapping, served with spicy sweet and sour sauce.
  • Jumbo Coconut ShrimpFresh jumbo shrimp lightly battered, fried sweet flared coconut, served with our home-made plum sauce.
  • Grilled Chicken Satay (4)Tender marinated chicken grilled on skewers, served with yum yum sauce.
  • Shrimp Tempura (3)Jumbo shrimp and vegetables lightly breaded then deep-fried
  • Crab Rangoon DipClassic Crab Rangoon filling served as a creamy dip with fried wonton crisps drizzled with sweet chili pepper sauce.
  • Fusion Bowl Ultimate Combo (for 2)Potstickers, crab wonton, crispy chicken egg rolls, grilled chicken satays and Vietnamese shrimp summer rolls
  • Teriyaki Beef on the Sticks (3)Tender marinated beef with green pepper and pineapple grilled on a skewer.

* The picture is for reference only, please contact the restaurant if you have any question.

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